NFTs for Beginners

How to Make an NFT

How much does it cost to make an NFT: Updated for 2023

With recent tools and expansion of blockchains on OpenSea, we look at how much it costs to make an NFT in 2023

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Are NFTs Dying

Are NFTs Dying Out? – Why NFTs aren’t just a Craze

NFT trading has been on a steady decline but that doesn’t mean the NFT craze is over just yet. The future is still bright for NFTs.

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How to Buy Solana NFTs

How to Buy a Solana NFT: Full Step-by-Step Guide with Images

Buying a Solana NFT is not a straightforward process for beginners. We have put together the Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide!

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What are Solana NFTs

What are Solana NFTs: The Full and Complete Guide to SOL

Since its creation in 2020 the Solana network has been minting NFTs at a growing rate. This complete guide looks at what Solana NFTs are and how they work

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Blue Chip NFTs

Blue Chip NFTs – What are Blue Chips in the NFT Space

Blue Chip NFTs are generally the most expensive NFTs to invest in to. We look at all the characteristics of blue chips, how to find them and what they mean

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NFT Floor Price

What is an NFT Floor Price on an NFT Collection

NFT language is almost a completely different language with brand new terminology . This article explains exactly what the NFT floor price is and why it is so valuable

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Buy Your First NFT

How to Start Buying NFTs – Buy Your First NFT

If you’ve seen the latest buzz craze in the NFT industry, seeing cartoon apes change hands for the price of a house, brand new and don’t know where to start – this article will help you buy your first NFT!

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What are NFT Royalties

What are NFT Royalties – The Truth Behind NFT Royalties

We have all heard and understand the concept of royalties when it comes to music, but how do royalties work when it comes to NFT art?

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Best NFTs to Invest in

Best NFTs to Invest In – How to Choose the Right NFTs

In this guide I will walk you through exactly the things you need to be looking out for to invest in the best NFT projects, how to avoid the red flags, how to look at past successful NFT launches and use to your advantage and how to do your own due diligence.

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NFT vs Crypto Differences

Difference Between NFT vs Crypto – Explained and Revealed

Many people often mistake NFTs and Crypto as the same thing. They are not. There are very distinct differences between them, including how they have value, how they increase and decrease in value and their uses.

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What Are NFT Whitelists

What are NFT Whitelists – Why Whitelists are Essential

In this guide we will look in to all the benefits of being on a NFT Whitelist, how they REALLY work, and the tricks and tactics used by successful NFT buyers to get on whitelists again and again!

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What is the Difference Between Good and Bad NFTs

On average 94% of NFTs launching today will fail to be profitable within 4 weeks. There are ways of being able to tell the different between a good NFT and a bad NFT with some tricks of the NFT trade!

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