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NFT Niches Nick

I’m Nick (NFT.Niches.Nick on Twitter) and welcome to NFT Niches!

I have been active in the cryptocurrency and NFT industry for some time now having traded in many cryptocurrencies, and have bought and sold many NFTs, I am keen to share my knowledge, guidance and lessons learned with a new audience.

As the NFT industry is such a new and often confusing technology, there are so many questions new users have.

What are gas fees, what’s the difference between good NFTs and bad NFTs, what’s an NFTs floor price – and what exactly is an NFT!

It’s a industry that I’ve gone all in on. I believe this industry is going to change the way contracts, agreements and how assets will be recorded going forward.

It also has a lot of benefits for everyday users. Right now NFTs are full of apes and goblins, but the NFT technology can literally change the world.

NFTs are a new and exciting innovative industry, but it is also a world to be cautious in.

The notion of Web3, Metaverse, flipping potential and Play2Game NFTs have exploded in the past year with many memes and copycats arriving in droves, but with any new industry comes new ways for scammers to take advantage of unsuspecting and novice users – and these are in plenty in the NFT space.

Throughout NFT Niches there are over 55 helpful how to guides, frequently asked NFT questions as well as buying and trading guides. Even tutorials on how to make your own NFT!

You can also find me on Twitter (@NFTNiches) writing about my NFT trading day, general musings and also the NFT Nightly Numbers which is a nightly post showing the biggest NFT launch of the day, the NFT with the highest rising floor in the past 24 hours and also an NFT to watch!

The NFT industry is in its infancy right now but it will not take long before NFTs are part of our day to day lives. The security, authenticity and validity they offer for valuable assets – as well as the forever storage nature of the blockchain with its transparency and audit history – makes this one of the most exciting industries to monitor and watch!