Make Celebrity NFTs

Can I Make an NFT of a Celebrity – NFT Copyright Concerns

Although celebrities are getting in to NFTs, some people are considering the option of making an NFT of a celebrity and then sell or mint it. Is it legal or ethical, we explore

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Cash Out NFT

Can You Cash Out an NFT – How to Swap an NFT for Cash

Once you have an NFT in your digital wallet, is it possible to cash out and swap it for cash again? We explore the options

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NFT Gas Fees

Can You Sell an NFT Without Gas Fee – Save Big on Gas Fees

There is one possible option of selling an NFT without paying a gas fee. This option has many drawbacks, and is very high risk, so it may be worth just paying the gas fee and using a low peak period, but I will explain how to do this

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Screenshot an NFT

Can You Screenshot an NFT – How to and Why Do It

As an NFT is usually, but not always, a digital image one of the most common questions I see is whether it’s possible to just take a screenshot of the NFT instead.

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NFT Horse Racing

What is NFT Horse Racing – Ultimate Virtual Racing Guide

Let’s have a look at how the NFT horses are created, bred, raced, and later sold and how this trend is only going to continue over the next few years.

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Can Anyone Sell an NFT

Can Anyone Sell an NFT? – How Anyone Can Mint an NFT in 2023

Considering the majority of NFTs are jpeg images or cartoon characters, many people are asking whether anyone can sell an NFT or are high level requirements needed.

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Cost to Launch an NFT Collection

How Much Does it Cost to Launch an NFT Collection?

If like many of us you are looking at NFT collections that sell out providing the founders with a $1million to $3million fund, and have thought about launching your own NFT collection, you may be wondering about the cost.

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Buy an NFT with a Credit Card

Can You Buy NFTs with a Credit Card – Updated for 2023

It hasn’t been possible so far to buy an NFT directly with a credit card. The NFT industry, and the players within it, are aware of the complexities and changes have been made, and are in the process of being made, to make this easier for buyers to get in to.

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Solana vs Ethereum NFTs

Solana vs Ethereum NFTs – Revealed: Which is Better

The two most dominant cryptocurrencies when it comes to buying NFTs are Solana and Ethereum. Even though Solana and Ethereum are the cryptocurrencies to buy in to for NFT purchases, there are very distinct differences between them, as well as benefits and cons for each.

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Everydays - The First 5,000 Days

What is the Most Valuable NFT – The $69m NFT Sale

The most valuable NFT is Everydays – The First 5000 Days, which sold for $69m in March 2021 at Christie’s after a starting bid of just $100. Mike Winkelmann aka ‘Beeple’ is the artist who created the NFT.

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Are NFTs in a Bubble

Are NFTs a Bubble – The Future of the NFT Industry

With any growing trends, especially those new, there is a question as to whether the trend could come to an abrupt end. Are NFTs in a bubble?

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How Much Does it Cost to Mint an NFT

How Much Does it Cost to Mint an NFT – True Cost of Minting

One of the biggest barriers for people entering the NFT market is the cost of minting an NFT

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