How to Delete an NFT from Phantom Wallet

Many people have purchased NFTs they regretted after.

Perhaps the NFT collection looked like a great Degen project, or perhaps they were victim of a rug pull and no longer want to be reminded of the scam each time they open their Phantom Wallet.

Once an NFT is on the blockchain it’s there forever. It isn’t possible to simply erase, although there is one exception. This we we will go through later in the article.

There is a workaround to permanently remove the NFT from your Phantom wallet, so you never have to see it again!

It isn’t possible to delete an NFT from a Phantom Wallet or the blockchain, but it is possible to remove it from your wallet.

The NFT can be sent to a Solana burn wallet address. This process is similar to transferring an NFT from one digital wallet to another. Once the NFT is sent to the burn wallet though it can’t be recovered.

If you would like to remove an NFT from view and burn it, so you never have to see it again, simply send your Solana NFT from your Phantom Wallet to the following Solana NFT burn address:

Solana Wallet Burn Address: 1nc1nerator11111111111111111111111111111111

There is a small gas fee to pay for transferring an NFT from one digital wallet to another, but Solana network gas fees are always very low.

It’s a small price to pay to have the NFT out of sight and out of mind.

Why delete an NFT from Phantom Wallet

It may sound surprising that, after spending good money – or Solana (SOL) cryptocurrency – on an NFT, why someone would want to delete it!

Even if someone decided just to keep it in the wallet as a piece of art or meme.

I have had a few NFTs in my wallet that I decided I would rather delete than keep. I didn’t want to see them every time I opened my Phantom wallet.

This was due to the fact I was rug pulled!

Rug pulling is best explained as a snake oil salesman selling you something on a promise that doesn’t exist. Once you’ve paid over your money, the salesman runs off to the hills clutching your money as they go, whilst you’re left holding on to something worthless.

NFT rug pulling is when an NFT project launched with an ambitious but enticing roadmap or perhaps art that looked amazing. After the NFT mints, and the founders have a sizeable wallet of, often, millions of dollars, they withdraw the money and shut everything down.

That enticing road-to-riches road-map disappears like it never was – or sometimes that amazing artwork is in fact a copy of someone else’s. A worthless fake.

Being reminded of the NFT scam every time you open your Phantom wallet isn’t a nice feeling.

My rug pull NFTs were listed on OpenSea and I bought them with Ethereum. I could burn them, but Ethereum gas network fees are notoriously much higher than Solana fees, and it would have cost considerably more.

Fortunately, OpenSea has an archiving area if you would prefer to ‘hide’ the NFT for free, but there isn’t such an option on the Phantom Wallet.

So, to hide and ‘delete’ an NFT from a Phantom Wallet you can transfer the NFT to the Solana burn wallet, never to see the light of day again.

The Solana burn wallet address to send the NFT from your Phantom Wallet too is 1nc1nerator11111111111111111111111111111111.

Costs to delete a Solana NFT from Phantom Wallet

Solana gas fees to delete an NFT from a Phantom Wallet

The Solana network is one of the cheapest networks for blockchain validations due to its fast transaction speed, high number of possible transactions per second and Proof of Stake model.

Unlike the Ethereum network that has average transaction speeds, a low number of possible transactions per second and a current Proof of Work model (although this will change with the pending Ethereum 2.0 release).

Therefore, Solana gas fees are a tiny fraction of the costs on Ethereum.

To delete (or move to the Solana burn wallet) a Solana NFT from Phantom Wallet should cost less than 2 cents.

Can an NFT be recovered once deleted?

The Solana blockchain, all blockchains in fact, are built on a model of audit, control, validation, and authentication.

Once an NFT is on the blockchain it’s not an easy task, and sometimes an impossible task, to delete it.

Therefore, it’s not possible to simply delete an NFT out from your Phantom Wallet and into nothingness.

If though you decide to send an NFT to the Solana burn wallet, it can never be recovered.

You can’t email the nice people at Solana and ask for it back, like a soccer ball after being kicked into your neighbor’s yard.

When moving an NFT make sure you are deleting (transferring) the RIGHT NFTs. You wouldn’t want to think your getting rid of a poor copycat rug pull meme NFT and realize you have just deleted a Moonbird!

When an NFT can truly be deleted

There is though one time when a minted NFT can truly be deleted.

This can happen if you created an NFT collection but did not sell one single NFT from the collection. As no NFT changed hands and you have been the one single owner so therefore an audit history of past buyers and sellers can’t be comprised, then deleting an NFT is possible.

The blockchain provides a full audit history of the NFT. It’s serious about protecting that history to ensure authenticity.

If an NFT had passed through different wallets from different owners and then someone then deletes it, the entire audit history would be lost.

It would defeat one of the core purposes of the blockchains ideologies.

An NFT created by you, only owned by you, and deleted by you has no audit history and therefore no data on the blockchain to protect.

Alternatives to deleting an NFT

Rather than deleting your NFT and sending it into an abyss, there are some alternatives.

Giveaway on Twitter

There is always someone willing to add another NFT to their wallet, even if it has little or no value.

If you make it clear from the outset this is a no longer wanted NFT that at present holds little value, then offer it as a freebie or giveaway on Twitter.

It could help boost a few more followers to your Twitter account.

It may cost a 1-2 cents worth of Solana to give it away, but you’d bring a smile for a moment, and could give a little boost of awareness to your Twitter profile.

Earn to Burn NFTs

It is possible to get rid of an unwanted NFT and earn at the same time!

Mortuary Inc have a unique concept. Send unwanted Solana NFTs to them, where they will burn them and lay them to rest, and you will earn $ASH tokens.

They have a solid roadmap, and you can use your $ASH tokens to mint future NFTs from Mortuary Inc partners.

Delete an NFT from Solana Wallet – In Conclusion

Although you can’t delete an NFT from a Phantom Wallet, or the Solana blockchain, there are ways of getting rid of it from your wallet.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Whether you choose to burn your NFT using the Solana Burn Wallet, give the NFT away as a freebie or to a friend, or decide to bury it in a mortuary and earn some tokens to mint fresh NFTs – it’s up to you.

It will at least not come back from the grave and haunt you any longer!

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